Robot 2 Movie Review , Rating , Story Cast, Public Talk, Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar

Robot 2 Movie Review , Rating , Story Cast, Public TalkGet to know about Robot 2 Movie Review, Robot 2 Story Plot, Robot 2 Release Date, Robot 2 Unknown Facts, Robot 2 Total Budget and many about 2.0 Robot 2 or just 2.0 is one of the most anticipated movies in Indian cinema. It has also been made on a very huge budget to deliver the best to the audiences. Directed by S. Shankar, 2.0 also stars megastar Ranjnikanth along with Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson. Get the details about the Robot 2 Movie Review and other related stories here.

Robot 2  Movie Review

What is the Robot 2 Story Plot? Robot 2018... 

After the huge success of Enthiarn (Robot in Hindi) in 2010, everyone expected a sequel of the movie. The first part also had Rajnikanth in the lead role along with Aishwarya Rai as the lady love. Rajnikanth played a double role as the scientist and the robot. The first part was a huge success where Danny Denzongpa played the negative character was a huge success in 2010. Robot 2 Movie Review As per the anticipation of the Robot 2 Story Plot, it will not be a complete sequel of the 1st part. In 2.0, Ranjnikanth will reprise his role and Akshay Kumar will be playing the negative character. As the poster suggests, Akshay may portray the role of a mad scientist or a tuned mutant. Seeing the world in danger, professor Vaseegaran played by Rajnikanth will re-assemble the Robot Chitti to save the world from the monster.

Robot 2 Movie Review Rating

 Robot 2 Movie Review Rating Cast 

Robot 2 Movie Rating Review

Robot 2 Movie Review

As per reports, 2.0 will be one of the most expensive movies in the history of the Indian Cinema. Till now, over 500 crores have been spent on making the movie along with other stuff.

There is no doubt that 2.0 will be a masterpiece. The movie going to give you an out of the world visual experience with action sequences and graphics works matching the international standards. This movie will also bring Khiladi Akshay Kumar for the first time along with Rajnikanth.

The movie will be available in 3D and 2D Movie as well to enhance the best viewing experience. It will also be released in 13 languages across the world.

Robot 2 Unknown Facts

2.0 is definitely one of the most awaited movies, however, there are many incidents that happened during the period of filming which is unknown to many of us. Some of them are as below: -

·     Kamal Hassan, Amir Khan and Vikram were approached by director Shankar to portray a role, however, all of them didn’t sign for the same.
·         Late on the team even approached Hollywood action start Arnold Schwarzenegger for the role.
·         Arnold agreed to play the character but asked for a hooping remuneration.
·         After many discussions and conflicts, the idea was dropped to sign Arnold. There was also a controversy among the team due to this decision.
·         Actors like Hrithik and Neil Nitin Mukesh were also approached.
·         At the end, the team selected and signed Akshay Khiladi Kumar to do the role which was offered to Arnold.

What is the Robot 2 Total Budget?

Till now over 500 crores got spent for the making of the movie. The Robot 2 budget got increased to at least 100 crores due to the delay in the release of the movie. It has become one of the most expensive movies in the Indian Cinema.

What is the Robot 2 Release Date?

After many hindrances, at last, the Robot 2 Release Date has been finalized. The movie will be released on 29th November 2018 across the world.

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