Robot 2 Day to Day Box Office Report - Robot 2.0 Day Wise Total Collection

Robot 2.0 is an upcoming science fiction movie directed by Shankar. The movie is going to be released on 29th November 2018. It is the sequel of the 2010 super hit movie Robot, however, this time, you can experience a different level of CGI and VFX in this movie. 2.0 is made on a huge budget of over 500 crores and that is why there are a lot of things on stage with the Robot 2 Day Wise Total Box Office Collection.

Robot 2.0 Day Wise Box Office Collection Report

Rajnikanth is again playing the double role of Dr. Vaseegarn and the robot Chitti. He is teamed up with Amy Jackson as the female humanoid Robot. Akshay Kumar is playing the role of the negative character in the movie.

Robot 2.0 is the most expensive Indian movie made to date. That is why experts are keeping a keen eye on the 2.0 Day to Day Prediction.  Thugs of Hindostan which was released a few days back during the Diwali was also one of the most anticipated movies of the year. However, it failed to rise to the expectations of the audiences.

Robot 2.0 Start Cast can impact on Box Office Report

With the huge star cast, the movie may still recover the cost but will not be able to make big in the box office. That is why there is a lot of expectations with the Robot 2 Day Wise Total Box Office Collection. 

Robot 2 Day to Day Box Office Report

The movie has also got amazing start cast; however, the CGI and the VFX are going to be the major point of attraction along with Rajnikanth.

Why People will watch this film? 

  • Robot 2.0 is the S. Shankar, Rajinikanth & Akshay Kumar starrer movie. 
  • Ultimate VFX Work.
  • The large scale of Brand & Promotion Value. 
  • This is the high budget Indian film with Rs. 543 crore total budget.

Robot 2.0 Day to Day Collection Prediction

So according to the prediction, Day to Day Collection Report of Robot 2.0 Hindi is as follows:

First Weekend Collection ₹ 185 Cr 

  • Day 5 Collection [1st Monday] ₹ 30.00 Cr 
  • Day 6 Collection [1st Tuesday] ₹ 27.00 Cr 
  • Day 7 Collection [1st Wednesday] ₹ 25.00 Cr 
  • Day 8 Collection [2nd Thursday] ₹ 23.00 Cr 

Week 1 Collection ₹ 290 Cr 

  • Day 9 Collection [2nd Friday] ₹ 20.00 Cr 
  • Day 10 Collection [2nd Saturday] ₹ 25.00 Cr 
  • Day 11 Collection [2nd Sunday] ₹ 35.00 Cr 
  • Day 12 Collection [2nd Monday] ₹ 15.00 Cr
  • Day 13 Collection [2nd Tuesday] ₹ 15.00 Cr 
  • Day 14 Collection [2nd Wednesday] ₹ 15.00 Cr 
  • Day 15 Collection [3rd Thursday] ₹ 15.00 Cr 

Week 2 Collection ₹ 140 Cr 

  • Day 16 Collection [3rd Friday] ₹ 10.00 Cr 
  • Day 17 Collection [3rd Saturday] ₹ 15.00 Cr 
  • Day 18 Collection [3rd Sunday] ₹ 20.00 Cr 
  • Day 19 Collection [3rd Monday] ₹ 7.00 Cr 
  • Day 20 Collection [3rd Tuesday] ₹ 6.00 Cr 
  • Day 21 Collection [3rd Wednesday] ₹ 5.00 Cr 
  • Day 22 Collection [4th Thursday] ₹ 5.00 Cr 

Week 3 Collection ₹ 68 Cr  

Week 4+ Collection ₹ 22 Cr

Robot 2.0 Worldwide, Overseas & India Collection Report

Robot 2.0 was supposed to be released in 2017, during the eve of Diwali. However, it got delayed due to the critical visual effects. Now, after postponing three release dates, the movie is finally here to hit the theatres. Here you can get the Robot 2 Day Wise Total Box Office Collection along with other related updates.

Robot 2.0 Day Wise Total Collection

  • Robot 2 India Net Collection ₹ 520.00 Cr (for Hindi) 
  • 2.0 Worldwide Total Collection ₹ 1000.00 Cr 
  • 2.0 Overseas Collection ₹ 330.00+ Cr 
  • India Total Gross Collection ₹ 670.00 Cr 

This is just for the Hindi Language If we include all other 14 languages.

Other Language Gross Total Collection: 800 Cr 

So, Finally the Indian Total Gross Box Office collection would be 1470 Cr, and the worldwide Total collection would be 1800 Cr as for Prediction. 


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